Intimate Enemies

By Robert Furst & Alan Parker

A Cold War Spy Thriller With A Romantic Twist!

About This Book!

KGB spy Aleksandra Zolotov has three secrets that may end her life.

She can see the future.

Her mission will fail

She must betray the man she loves.

In a world where enemies are her only allies, Aleksandra plays a dangerous game of secrets, lies, and betrayal where one wrong move will leave her tortured, murdered, or worse.

Will this broken product of a brutal system find the strength to trust the man she’s supposed to betray? And if so, will her shy love allow her to finally be free, or will it destroy her?

5 Star Rave Reviews !!!

Crazy Intense Page Turner!

If you’re looking for a crazy intense page turner, this is the one! I LOVED the characters. This book wasn’t kidding when it called itself a Portrait of a Spy. The KGB is freaking rough!

LOVED IT -- Couldn’t Put This One Down!

Hurry Up on the NEXT BOOK! I’m waiting…I couldn’t put this book down! Incredible read! From the first page, Aleksandra’s story grabbed me by the throat — KGB training is SUPER intense…

Fantastic Read! I Want More!

Got this on a whim from Kindle Unlimited. Great book, kept me going right up to the cliffhanger. Waiting for the next one to see how Lexy & Jon fare. Super excited about this series. Thanks!

About the Authors

Robert Furst

Robert Furst owns his own construction company, and has been in the business for nigh on 20 years. A successful entrepreneur, husband and father, he has always had a dream to write fiction. His two daughters are nearly grown – Chloe is a freshman at Temple University and Brittany is in her third year of high school. Brittany aspires to be a writer one day, and at her urging, her father wrote his first novel, Intimate Enemies along with his best friend, Alan Parker.

Alan Parker

Alan Parker is the exact opposite of his longtime friend, Robert Furst. He is an accountant working for one of the premiere law firms in Philadelphia. He writes for relaxation, and has loved the craft since he was in college. While his contribution was less than Roberts, he contributed great ideas and wrote many of the earlier scenes in the book, leaving the romance portion to Robert, and at points, his daughter Brittany.